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The D-Day Beaches...

Map of the Normandy Invasion routes

The beaches which saw the D-Day landings - Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword are located within easy reach of the gite in Le Bec Hellouin. The invasion of Normandy which marked the beginning of the end of World War II has left extensive evidence across Normandy, and the rest of Northern France. The beaches tell their own story, but much more can be found in the many museums which can be found in the area. Visiting one of the many war cemeteries brings home the full impact of the landings and their true cost in very human terms. Old Pegasus Bridge

Other sites of importance include Pegasus Bridge on the Caen canal near Ouisterham, held by British infantry who landed by gliders. The bridge was held by a force of 181 for many hours before being relieved by forces advancing from the beaches.

Crossing Normandy and on towards Paris is the "Route des Alliés" - a series of road-side markers which indicate the route taken by the main allied thrust towards Paris. Each marker carries the date when the point was reached and the distance that remains to the centre of Paris. Le Bec Hellouin played its role in the invasion - throughout the war, a German divisions were stationed at the abbey, using its buildings as a garrison. A Panzer division was stationed at Le Bec on the day of the invasion itself.

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