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La Ferme Biologique du Bec Hellouin

logo of the organic farm in Le Bec

The farm operates from two sites on the south side of the village, growing organic fruit and vegetables which are sold at the farm and in local markets. The farm also produces its own cider, perry, apple juice and jams. In total the farm covers some 16 hectares - about 40 acres. The main farm is in the floor of the valley. On the southern slopes, an ecological area is being created - the bio-diversity gardens.

The farm sells its own organic production - certified by the French group ECOCERT SAS. The farmland has never been used for production before, situated on ancient flood meadows and pastures. There is not trace of chemicals being used on the farm. The land is worked using horse-drawn equipment, to avoid the polluting effects of tractor engines and other motorised equipment.

The farmyard houses many animals, including the draught horses, shetland ponies, chickens and other fowl. Ouessant Sheep are kept in the pastures, one of the rarest breeds of sheep in the world.


The farm is open every day except Monday from April 22 - November 5, between 11am and 12:30pm and between 2pm and 6pm.

In July and August it is open every day except Monday between 11am and 6pm

Entry is free for Children up to 8 years, €2.50 from 8-15 years and €5.00 for adults.

Guided tours lasting about 45 minutes can be arranged at €30.

Live demonstrations of working with the Heavy Horses are held on Saturday afternoons.

We recommend you contact the Farm for latest events and dates.