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Le Chateau d'Harcourt

Front view of the Chateau d'Harcourt

The castle was founded in the 10th century soon after the Normans annexed Normandy, the original fortress was constructed of wood. The stone chateau which can be seen today is based on one constructed in the 12th century by Duke Robert II of Normandy. Duke Robert was a companion of Richard the Lionheart. The chateau remains one of the best preserved in Normandy.

The Chateau d'Harcourt is the site of the oldest arboretum in France; today it includes more than 500 species of tree, covering 11 hectares. The arboretum is the heart of extended woodlands covering more than 95 hectares.

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From 1st March to 16th June and from 16th September to 17th November, the chateau is open every day except Tuesday, from 2pm until 6pm.

From 17th June to 15th September, the chateau is open very day from 10:30am until 6:30pm.

Prices are 4.00€ for Adults and 1.50€ for children.