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Rouen was probably founded by the Romans as the city of Rotomagus and rapidly became the chief city of the Roman Province of Lugdunensis. Overrun by the Normans in the 10th Century, Rouen became the capital of the Norman Kingdom until it was annexed by France in 1204. During the hundred years war, Rouen was taken by the English under Henry 5th. Joan of Arc was burnt in the city in 1431. Rouen was heavily bombed during the D-Day landings and suffered extensive damage, consequently much of the centre of the city is very modern. The Cathedral was almost completely destroyed by the bombing.

Rouen Cathedral by night Le Gros Horloge, Rouen

The Gros Horloge is an astronomical clock dating from the 16th Century that bridges the Rue du Gros Horloge. Rouen is an excellent centre for shopping with any shops and restaurants. The harbour in Rouen sees the start of the Tall Ships Race every 10 years.

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